Fisgard 1982-83


In Memoriam

On this page we remember former Fisgard apprentices that are no longer with us. Listed below are our former classmates known to have "crossed the bar". This is not a definitive list so if you are aware of a former Fisgard classmate that has passed, please let us know by emailing and we will include them on this page. Please give us much detail as possible, such as date of passing, entry number or month and year of joining Fisgard, division and trade if known and perhaps a photo. Also drop us a line if you can add more information or provide photos for those already listed.

  Name Entry Division Trade Date of Passing
Paul Aston  Paul Robert Aston 831 Entry Spickernell Marine Engineering 30th April 2016
  Ray S "Brains" Blackhall 823 Entry Griffin Marine Engineering Not known
  David Ian Boniface 831 Entry Tribe Weapon Engineering 10th December 2012
  Kevin Bugg 821 Entry Bennett Air Engineering 5th December 2019
Alan Cooper Alan C Cooper 822 Entry Griffin Marine Engineering 11th October 2014
  Lloyd R M "Frankie" Franklin 821 Entry Spickernell Weapon Engineering 5th June 1983
Leo Goddard  Leo James Edward "Gob" Goddard 823 Entry Tribe Marine Engineering 18th December 2010
  J C "Jamie" Jamieson 831 Entry Frew Marine Engineering 2007
  Kevin Jordan 823 Entry   Marine Engineering 17th August 1987
  Andrew W Massam 821 Entry Bennett   29th October 2015
  Paul McCabe 823 Entry Tribe Marine Engineering 2nd May 2016
  Matthew J Norman 822 Entry Lane Marine Engineering 3rd July 1984
Steff Orr  Stephen Gavin "Steff" Orr 823 Entry Bennett Marine Engineering 3rd April 2016
  Christopher John Rule 823 Entry Tribe Marine Engineering 28th April 2009
 Geoff Smith Geoffrey J Smith 823 Entry Lane Weapon Engineering 3rd February 2005
  Ian "Paddy" Stephenson (A.K.A. Squires) 831 Entry Bennett Weapon Engineering 23rd March 2016
  Robert Stephenson 831 Entry   Weapon Engineering 27th January 1984
  Andrew C Thorne 823 Entry Griffin Marine Engineering 24th July 1991