Fisgard 1982-83

Spickernell Division

HMS Fisgard - West Side

Spickernell Div ShirtOne of the last to be formed within Fisgard's divisional system; Spickernell Division, commonly know as Spike, was formed in the Spring of 1973 and named after Rear-Admiral Derek Spickernell CB. who joine the Navy as an artificer apprentice at Fisgard Block in Chatham in 1937. Spickernell's best known and longest serving resident was Spike the blue-fronted amazon parrot, bought by apprentices in the Spring of 1980 as a divisional mascot. Visit Spike's page here.

In the Summer of 1983, as the number of apprentices attending Fisgard reduced, Spickernell's numbers were increased as they were joined by half of Bennett Division when that closed. Spickernell itself closed at the end of the summer term 1983.



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