Fisgard 1982-83

MOD Caledonia Main Gate

HMS Fisgard 35th Anniversary Reunion

23rd September 2017

After previous reunions in Plymouth and Portsmouth, this time we gathered North of the Border in the clankies' old stomping ground. Our 35th Anniversary Reunion was held in the WO & SRs Mess, MOD Caledonia. The event was open to all former apprentices of 821,822, 823 and 831 Entries including W.E.s and WAFUs. Everyone made a weekend of it, enjoying the delights of Edinburgh and Dunfermline before joining us at Caledonia for a curry and a few beers. Special mention must go to Chris Alexander, Steve Cook, Colin Jessep and Colin McCaughey who came over from Australia and Dicky Dixon who came over from New Zealand for the event.

The following were there on the night:

821 Entry
Sam Hubbard
Mark Johnstone
Kevin O'Shea

822 Entry
Kevin Doswell
Steve Duncan
Colin Jessep
Mike Tong
Glenn Worth
823 Entry
Sean Ashton
Karl Bagley
Jon Batty
John Beech
Mark Beniston
John Blagg
Dean Bower
Steve Bowling
Simon Brown
Alastair Browne
Gordon Campbell
Andy Carmichael

Paul Clegg
Steve Cook
Karl Cox
Mark Crook
Andy Dimond
Paul Dunion
Brian Emmerson
Gordon Frost
Ian Gates
Vince Healy
Colin McCaughey
Roddy Milne

Paul Morledge
Grant Nicholson
Mike Ousby
Sean Perry
Jon Saverton
Guy Sayers
Kevin Smith
Rob Walsh
Martin Whapshott
Rupert Williams
Chris Wise
831 Entry
Chris Alexander
Bob Barker
Richard Dixon
Don Fairburn
Robin Kraike
Neil Palmer
Lee Martin
Paul Mayne
Andy Stanley
Nick Tate
Norman Walthew

Check out the photos: