Fisgard 1982-83

HMS Fisgard Dias & Factory Offices

831 Entry

So far we have not been able to source a definitive list of the young men who joined HMS Fisgard in January 1983 as 831 Entry. Until a full list is found we are compiling a list from memory and existing information. If you are able to add to this list or correct any errors then please email us at .

Allen J
Allen S
Alexander C
Aston PR
Baillie S
Barker R
Barker RG
Baxter I
Boniface DI
Bradbury A
Bradley PJ
Brown SG
Craig MA
Curwen S
Dalton A
Dalton C
Davey G
Delaney F
Dixon R
Drew A
Dugard J
Edwards P
Ewen A
Eyre R
Fairburn D
Fearon M
Fill A
Free A
Gately I
Gregory M
Griffin M
Grubb A
Guy M
Hardington D
Ibrahim R
Jackson DJ
Jamieson JC
Jones CI
Jones KP
Kelly J
Kraike R
Louth T
Lowe RJ
Lynn A
Maguire JP
Martin L
Mayne P
McFarlane A
McGuire M
McKale K
Mills I
Moore P
Morant D
Naylor MA
Palmer N
Riggs D
Roper M
Salleh I
Sinclair J
Sitton J
Southerton D
Spall CG
Sprason AP
Stanley A
Stephenson IT
Storrs N
Tait P
Tate N
Tee RD
Thom A
Thompson IW
Walker M
Walthew N
Walton J
Warren C
Weir SE
Whitley MC
Wilden A
Williams M