Fisgard 1982-83

2012 Fisgard Reunion 

Fisgard 30th Anniversary Reunion BadgeHMS Fisgard 30th Anniversary Reunion

1st & 2nd September 2012

Our first ever reunion was held in Plymouth, Devon on the 1st and 2nd September 2012 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of our entry into the Royal Navy. The Saturday evening event was held in the Warrant Officers and Senior Rates Mess in HMS Drake and was attended by 74 former apprentices from 821, 822, 823 and 831 entries. The evening consisted of chat and reminiscences over a few beers and an Indian-style buffet dinner. A raffle was also held to win a bottle of 30-year-old malt whisky, the proceeds of which, £515, were donated to the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust. The whisky was won by Phil Thompson who promptly opened it and shared with everyone.

Sunday saw most of us decamp to Torpoint. A coach met everyone at the ferry and took us up to HMS Raleigh where we had a few photos taken by the Fisgard Gates and figurehead, and had the opportunity to tour the last row of east side messes still standing and walk around the rest of the former HMS Fisgard site. Following the visit, a light buffet lunch was served up in The Wheelers in Torpoint.

The following were there on the big night:

Sean Ashton
Paul Aston
Karl Bagley
Jon Batty
Pete Bellamy (staff)
Tony Birr
John Blagg
Steve Bowling
Simon Brown
Gordon Campbell
David Cliff
Mark Craig
Mark Crook
Fraser Cropper
Steve Curwen
Andy Dimond
Steve Doughty
Steve Earp
Peter Eggbeer
Nigel English
Philip Evans
Gordon Frost
Paul Gibbons
Gary Godfrey
Richard Gray
Iain Gunn
Mark Harris
Vince Healy
Giulian Hill
Mike Hill
Dave Hosking
Sam Hubbard
Ivor Humphrey
Mark Johnstone
Brian Kerrigan
Matt Liddell
Dave Lowe
Richard Lowe
Norman Maclean
Alex Macrae
Colin McCaughey
Craig McDonald
Kevin McKale
Alan Menzies
Ian Merritt
Paul Morledge
Grant Nicholson
Bill Oliphant
Mike Ousby
Colin Parkinson
Sean Perry
Dave Philpot
Adam Puk
Trevor Rawlinson
Andy Riggall
Paul Rounsley
Nigel Royle
Jon Saverton
Guy Sayers
Paul Simpson
Kelvin Spencer
Andy Such
Derek Thomas
Phil Thompson
Mike Tong
Ash Toone
Russ Topping
Craig Towner
Rob Walsh
Martin Whapshott
Steuart Whitfield
Paul Wilkinson
Martin Williams
Mike Williams
Glenn Worth


Check out the photos:


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